Other Origin Primary Cell

Apart from the primary cells/stem cells from species like humans, rats, mice, and swine; we are also in a process of developing primary cells from other known species like dogs, monkeys, hamsters, rabbits, etc. These cells will be available on demand. We have been associated with certified breeders and clinical research organizations for sourcing tissues from the above-mentioned animals in an ethical and humanized manner.We are in process of developing many more cells, so if you cannot find any product as per your requirement, be patient to fill in the form provided herewith and we will get back to you at the

earliest. Scroll through the below-mentioned portfolio to find the product of your interest.

Beagle Peripheral Blood Mononuclear CellsBeagle Peripheral Blood derived Mesenchymal Stem CellsMonkey Peripheral Blood-Derived Mononuclear Cells
Monkey Peripheral Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem CellsHamster Dermal FibroblastsHamster Retinal Epithelial Cells
Guinea pigs Dermal Fibroblasts