Human Lung S9

Human Lung S9 Fraction is derived from human lung tissue, preserving the physiological relevance necessary for accurate in vitro studies related to lung drug metabolism and pulmonary pharmacology.

Catalogue noProduct NameQty
1303HU00-01 Single Donor, Male, With PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-02 Single Donor, Male, Without PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-03 Single Donor, Male, With PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-04 Single Donor, Male, Without PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-05 Single Donor, Female, with PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-13 Single Donor, Female, without PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-07 Single Donor, Female, With PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-08 Single Donor, Female, Without PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-09 Pooled, Male, with PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-10 Pooled, Male, without PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-11 Pooled, Male, with PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-12 Pooled, Male, without PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-13 Pooled, Female, with PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-14 Pooled, Female, without PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-15 Pooled, Female, with PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-16 Pooled, Female, without PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-17 Pooled, Mixed Gender, With PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-18 Pooled, Mixed Gender, Without PMSF 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-19 Mixed Gender, With PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
1303HU00-20 Mixed Gender, Without PMSF, Smoker 10 mg/ml 
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