Wistar Rat Liver S9

Kosheeka’s Human Liver Microsomes stand as a fundamental asset for researchers and scientists engaged in drug development, pharmacology, and toxicology studies.

Catalogue noProduct NameQty
0603RT02-01 Single Donor, Male, With PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-02 Liv Single Donor, Male, Without PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-03 Single Donor, Male, With PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-04 Single Donor, Male, Without PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-05 Single Donor, Female, with PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-06 Single Donor, Female, without PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-07 Single Donor, Female, With PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-08 Single Donor, Female, Without PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-09 Pooled, Male, with PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-10 Pooled, Male, without PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-11 Pooled, Male, with PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-12 Pooled, Male, without PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-13 Pooled, Female, with PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-14 Pooled, Female, without PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-15 Pooled, Female, with PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-16 Pooled, Female, without PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-17 Mixed Gender, With PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-18 Mixed Gender, Without PMSF 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-19 Mixed Gender, With PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
0603RT02-20 Mixed Gender, Without PMSF, Induced 20 mg/ml 
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