The Primary Cells- The Why and How ?

This webinar focuses on providing you with tips and hints to start or improve your primary cell culture.
In this webinar you will learn :

1. Acknowledging risk exposure while working with the cell lines
2. Complications such as growth, viability, transportation, contamination, mix cell lines
3. How straightforward and simplified primary cell culture can be?

About Speaker: Shraddha Singh Gautam (Head of Lab operations, Advancells Group)
Shraddha is an accomplished Sr. Scientist, at Advancells, with 16 years of onsite experience in the regenerative medicine market. She has a proven ability to foster technological advancements and quality excellence.
She has worked with one of India’s topmost institutions facilitating stem cell research and therapeutic applications; under the guidance of the Centre of
Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta) & Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR, India).


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