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In this era of efficient biomedical and clinical research, primary cell culture has gained popularity owing to their advantage of being close to physiologically mimicking cells in the native body microenvironment. With their wide applications in 3D cell culture, bioprinting, scaffold research, immunotherapy, cancer biology, developmental biology, and many other domains, primary cell culture is an essential cell culture model.Kosheeka believes in exploring this extensive research model of primary cell culture to help researchers worldwide in gaining biomedical and clinical research efficacy. we bring you a series of webinar sessions to develop your understanding and skills in stem cells and primary cell culture to harness quality research aptitude and interpersonal scientific communication.

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    By Dr. Lipi Singh Date: 08/02/2024    Time: 4:00PM IST
    This webinar explores the pros and cons of using 2D and 3D cell cultures in drug screening, and discusses their respective advantages and disadvantages.

    One Day International Symposium On Advances & Future In 3D Cell Culture

    Transition From 2D to 3D Cell Culture
    Adding Another Dimension to Cell Culture
    Organoids-Discovery, Development & Disease
    3d cell culture
    3D Culture for Primary Hepatocytes
    3d bioprinting
    3D Bioprinting for Medical Applications

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