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Transforming In Vitro Models With The Next Generation Biological Models in Biomedical Research

In this ever-evolving world, where bugs and superbugs, show resistance to the ongoing medicines, and incidences of new diseases, there is an immense need for sustainable research and that too at a faster rate. Your research matters and so does the time involves? We at Kosheeka provide you, user-specific primary cells. We are specialized in isolating, purification and ultimately production of primary cells. Kosheeka powered by Advancells is an authentic company providing high-quality primary cells for academic, industrial and biomedical research. It is India’s premier regenerative medicine solution provider, ISO certified and GLP accredited. There has been a constant evolution in cell-based assays or techniques, cell cultures are the basic requirement of biomedical research. At Kosheeka, precaution is taken to ensure that the cultured cells are:

  • Highly-characterized
  • Viable
  • Contaminant-free

Our provided primary cells are very close to the native environment and are tissue-specific, species-specific and disease-specific.

What Are The Primary Cells?

Primary cells are the cells directly isolated from a living tissue via enzymatic or mechanical methods and grown in vitro. Primary cells are of two types: adherent and suspension. We at Kosheeka provide you with adherent kind of cells.

Why Should You Opt For Primary Cells?

  • Primary cells are used in drug screening as, in maximum permissible drug usage and their toxicity evaluation. They have a wide application in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Since primary cells are very much similar to in vivo models, they can be used for studying cell biology and it’s metabolic.
  • These cells are used as a substitute for animal models and reduce the cost of the experiments and saving the research from any ethical issues.
  • Research is going on to utilize primary cells for reconstructing diseased or damaged tissues or organs. Hence, these can be used in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Some Of The Advantages Of Primary Cells Are:

  • Primary cells closely mimic the conditions seen in vivo, providing efficient experimental results.
  • They have minimal chromosomal aberrations. Primary cells retain their normal physiology and genetic constitution when propagated in culture.

Why Should You Choose Kosheeka?

  • Viable cells can be supplied from an organ of choice, within two weeks of order confirmation.
  • With our advanced technology and efficient scientific excellence, pure population of desired cell types; may it be organ specific or species specific can be supplied.
  • Cells are offered in their early passaged state so as to allow maximum multiplications and higher number of cells.
  • Illustrative certificate of analysis is provided with each batch, in order to give our clients a clear idea about the batch, quality as well as viability.
  • Excellent product support

Primary cells are increasingly becoming the most efficient tool in exploring all the intrinsic pathways that are guiding us at cellular as well as genomic levels. Although, much research work is needed we are committed to minimize your pre-procedural support, by providing high quality, pure population of desired cell types. Hope to experience a time, when all the havocs of these diseases can be treated and the mankind would prosper.

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