Rat Origin Plasma Cells

The subcellular fractions from various strains of rats are recommended for use in drug development and understanding cellular metabolic pathways as predictive test systems to evaluate the route of metabolism of drug components in the liver and in extra-hepatic tissues. Rats are selected for certain types of drugs due to their metabolic stability and in vitro intrinsic clearance. The animals are also selected on the basis of toxicological relevance. We offer pooled/single donor as well as custom-specific subcellular fractions from various strains of rats namely Sprague Dawley rats and Wistar rats. Fractions

from other strains can also be made available on demand. On a general note, tissues like skin/liver/intestine/kidneys, and lungs are used for extracting sub-cellular fractions.


Sprague Dawley Liver S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Kidney S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Lung S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)
Sprague Dawley Skin S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Intestine S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Liver Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
Sprague Dawley Kidney Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Lung Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Skin Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
Sprague Dawley Intestine Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Liver Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Kidney Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
Sprague Dawley Lung Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Skin Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)Sprague Dawley Intestine Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
Wistar Liver S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Kidney S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Lung S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)
Wistar Skin S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Intestine S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Liver Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
Wistar Kidney Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Lung Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Skin Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
Wistar Intestine Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Liver Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Kidney Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
Wistar Lung Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Skin Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)Wistar Intestine Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)